Mini-Cut Week 1

Over the past 8-9 months I have put the majority of my focus and efforts on gaining STRENGTH, and put my physique and SIZE goals in the back seat. It’s been awesome to surprise myself by hit some powerlifting numbers that I didn’t think would be possible until a much later time, and to progressively see my strength increase each week despite a few injury setbacks. Not paying attention to the scale and not tracking my food intake has definitely been a mental relief and I believe allowed me to be more “normal” for a bit. But I’m not in this to be normal.

That being said, I’m not at a point where I desire to chase any huge strength goals at the moment, and really want to dial in my nutrition and training towards creating a better physique. Now this isn’t to say that strength and hitting new PR’s will not be a major component of my training (any good training program should have you getting stronger IMO), but it will not be my #1 priority for the time being. Last week, I decided to start a mini-cut that will run anywhere from 6-10 weeks in order to decrease just a tad of body fat from over the Winter, to get myself back to a comfortable condition where I can move forward back into an extended lean gaining phase. The majority of my blog posts will be just that – me documenting my progress photos, nutrition from week to week, and covering my training.

Week 1 Starting Weight: 167.4lbs (3/13/17)

End of Week Avg. Weight: 164.6lbs (3/19/17)


  • 5 days @ 280g carbs, 182g protein, 74g fat
  • 2 days @ 500g carbs, 182 protein, 88g fat


Highlight of the week training wise for me was hitting a 425lb beltless Sumo Deadlift PR. Not having been able to sumo deadlift since November, and not using a belt over the past month while I rehab my back, I was very pleased with this.


  • 1 session of 400m weighted lunges
  • 1 HIIT session (5 rounds 90/30 rest:work on the assault bike)
  • 1 LISS session of 150 calories burned

Progress Photos:


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