Mini-Cut Week 2

Week 2 Starting Weight: 164.6 lbs (3/19)

End of Week Avg. Weight: 161.9 lbs (3/26)


  • 5 days @ 300 carbs, 179 protein, 75 fat
  • 2 days @ 458 carbs, 179 protein, 86 fat


  • This week, Cory G had the whole #4amcrew doing Get Stacked 22 testing. It was a crazy week of training as none of us knew what was about to hit us each day, which was a nice change of pace. He just dropped the new programs over at so go check them out!
  • I’m very pleased that I’ve been able to maintain my strength thus far during this mini-cut. With a pretty big drop in calories, I was worried my strength would follow suit, but that has not been the case. That’s a HUGE indicator that I’m maintaining lean muscle mass and dropping body fat as the scale goes down. A couple of highlights from the week: 225 Close Grip Paused Bench, 345 walked out low bar squat without a belt, #Armapocalypse on Saturday morning, and as of today (Sunday 3/26) – 1 year of squatting every day! Be on the lookout for an article later this week recapping this crazy past year of getting under the bar!


Cardio was kept the same as last week. No need to add anything additional until my weight stalls.

  • 1 session of 400m weighted lunges
  • 1 HIIT session (5 rounds 90/30 rest:work on the assault bike)
  • 1 LISS session of 150 calories burned

Progress Photos:

I felt a little bloated and watery this morning which was to be expected after my 2nd high calorie day of the week yesterday. With that came about 5,500 mg of sodium and roughly  1 & 1/2 gallons of water. These photos were taken after squats this morning and roughly 1/2 gallon of water.



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