#Squatlife Changed Me

For those unfamiliar, myself (and many of my training partners) tend to squat every single training session after our main workout for the day. Each day is a different, conjugate style squat, meaning we rotate between Front Squats, Back Squats, Pause Squats, Box Squats, etc. working up to a daily max. The OG Cory Gregory has been squatting every day now for over 3 years, and has convinced thousands of people around the world that they could do the same. The benefits of doing so cannot be argued. I’ve experienced them first hand, and I’ve never had better strength across the board.

Enter the #Squatlife.

This past Sunday, March 26, 2017 marked my 1 year anniversary of taking some form of a squat every single day. Training days, off days, it didn’t matter. For 365 consecutive days I performed the most basic, yet most (in my opinion) fundamental movement that most every human should be able to do correctly. Sure, there were days that felt absolutely terrible. But the number of days that got me excited to get under the bar far outweighed the former. Other days it was just body squats for 100-200 reps when dealing with injuries or when traveling. Regardless of the weight on the bar, the style of squat performed, or the intensity at which the exercise was taken, I accomplished something I had been pursuing for quite some time.

So let’s talk about some of the benefits I’ve reaped over the past year from living the #Squatlife:

  • 1)  Mentality – This was, and still is, the biggest benefit for me personally. Knowing that no matter the circumstances I had to get under that bar, was a mental test. As mentioned above, there were days that I would  have rather eaten soap than go squat, but I knew I had no choice. This mindset compounded over time and has definitely given me a different perspective into not only training, but to everyday life (how cliche right?). Sometimes you’ve got to do the things you simply just don’t want to do
  • 2) Strength/Size – Without a doubt, squatting every day has increased my numbers across the board and made me entirely much stronger in the Big 3 lifts (Squat/Bench?Deadlift). The amount of work your Hips, Glutes, Quads, and Hamstrings get is second to none, and certainly play a crucial role in how much weight you can add to your total. For example – When I started squatting daily, my max back squat was 305lbs, my deadlift was at 405lbs, and my bench was 195lbs. After 1 year of the #squatlife I’ve seen these increases: +80lbs on squat, +50 lbs on deadlift, and +50lbs on bench. The results don’t lie. I’m not going to get super scientific here either, but the squat being a full body compound movement automatically forces your body to release more growth hormone, and in turn leads to some pretty unreal results. Lastly, the size in my legs has dramatically increased as well. I attribute a lot of this to the hypertrophy/volume work I tend to do on separate Leg Days, but it would be near impossible to say that my pants haven’t fit much tighter than at this time last year. More specifically, my quads & glutes have seemed to grow the most, which again I can contribute to the amount of work they do when performing squats.
  • 3) Camaraderie – This is one most people don’t think about.  Having a solid group of training partners plays a major factor here as well. Not everyone is going to feel 100% each day, but everyone can give 100% effort at will. After a tough training session, there’s a lot of times the majority of my crew, myself included, don’t feel like squatting. However, we all know it has to get done. This is where the camaraderie comes into play. The amount energy the #4amcrew can pull off of one another when loading up for a big squat is something I had never experienced before. Never once have I seen someone in our crew hope that another member misses a lift. Everyone is on your side pushing you to be your best, and with the amount of hype some of our sessions generate, you’d think it was a Saturday afternoon at a powerlifting meet with someone going for a World Record. This type of support can’t be replaced.

So whether you currently squat 500lbs or 50lbs, I encourage you give the #Squatlife a try. I get it, it’s not for everyone. The first couple of weeks suck, not going to lie. You’ll be more sore than you’ve probably been in a long time, but if you push through, I promise you the results will come. I’ve experienced it first hand, and thousands other have to. It’s hard to fully explain to someone who hasn’t tried it for some period of time, but as of now I have no plans to quit squatting every day. Until my leg is broke, you’ll find me under the bar. It’s time to dive in head first and give the craziness a shot. Be about that #Squatlife. 


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