Mini-Cut Week 4

Week 4 Starting Weight: 161.1 lbs

End of Week Avg. Weight: 160.6 lbs


  • 5 Days @ 275 carbs, 175 protein, 71 fat
  • 2 Days @ 468 carbs, 175 protein, 84 fat

As I talked about last week, I hit a small plateau in seeing my bodyweight drop. I decreased my calories slightly over this past week and it seemed to get me right back on track! Although my weekly average was not as low as I would have liked, that is simply due to two days having higher weigh-ins in the 162’s. Beyond that, I had a few days in the 159’s, so we are definitely headed in the right direction. However, a “mini-cut” is meant to be just that: mini, or short and aggressive. That being the case, I will again decrease my calories this week and will go from 2 high calorie days down to 1 in order to have as much consistency on the other 6 days of the week as possible. I’ll be saving my high calorie day for this upcoming Saturday as my homie Jay Azeltine (@jay_azeltine) will be competing at his first bodybuilding show in Indianapolis, and I’m positive there will be temptations for some higher calorie options in/around the show and while traveling there and back.


  • Continuing on #GetStacked 22 this week was a bit scattered. Although I stuck to the same split, I decided to change up a few exercises and rep schemes during the week. This upcoming week however, I’ll be jumping on a new program to really address my weak points (arms and back) to ensure that I am not losing any size in those areas during this mini-cut.
  • Highlights of my training week were a bit different than usual. No crazy weights being put up this week, but I was very satisfied with some rep PR’s. Wednesday saw some serious Highbar Squat volume during my leg workout which included two rep PR’s of 315×3 & 275×8. Getting stronger overall has definitely translated into being able to hit higher weights for more reps.
  • Biggest struggle for me currently is maintaining my bench press. I’m still putting on two plates (225), but my pressing strength is ALWAYS the first to go when my calories start getting lower. Please hang on, PLEASE!



My cardio was kept the same as the previous week, and I will continue this same routine heading into Week 5. In my opinion, keeping cardio to a minimum while continuing to progress is a huge factor in how much muscle you’ll be able to retain and how high you can keep your performance in the gym. None of this is ultra taxing, which allows me to keep my lifting intensity as high as possible. As a reminder, here’s what my cardio is looking like:

  • 1 session of 800m lunges (First 400m w/ weighted vest)
  • 1 session of 400m weighted lunges
  • 2 sessions of LISS of 150 calories burned each (300 total)

With another decrease in macros this week and going from 2 days of high calories down to 1, I expect some serious progress this week.

Progress Photos:

My core has certainly begun to tighten up, as well as my upper quads. I’ve always been blessed with having very lean legs (and arms/shoulders unfortunately), but some new striations have made an appearance in my upper quads (top left picture). That’s when you know it’s getting serious!


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