Mini-Cut Week 5

Week 4 Starting Weight: 160.6 lbs

End of Week Avg. Weight: 159.2 lbs


  • 5 Days @ 275 carbs, 175 protein, 69 fat
  • 1 Day @ 330 carbs, 175 protein, 74 fat
  • 1 Day @ 380 carbs, 175 protein, 74 fat

Just like I had imagined would happen, I blew past the plateau that I hit last week. With the lower calories and smaller refeed, my body had no other choice. The original plan for this week was to go 6 days on regular macros before having a higher calorie day on Saturday while traveling. However, by Wednesday my body was really beat up, I was lethargic, and overall knew that I needed a small increase in calories for a day. What I decided to do was basically just take 25g of carbs and 5g of fat from my scheduled refeed on Saturday and apply those calories to Wednesday. Even those slight increase in calories made a world of a difference for my energy and training the rest of the week. By the end of the week I was still in an overall deficit after my 2nd higher calorie day on Saturday, which is all that truly matters, as is reflected in my 1.4 pound decrease in average bodyweight this week.


  • This past week I decided to take a break from the Get Stacked programming myself and the #4amcrew have been running for quite some time. A lot of my training partners are getting ready for the Old School Gym Push/Pull meet coming up this weekend, so everyone’s training has been a bit different anyways. A buddy of mine has been working on some custom programming, so I reached out to him for a program which would address my specific weak points (Arms/Back). Needless to say, the first week was brutal, but I think it will be more smooth going forward.
  • The highlight of my week workout wise was definitely training at Iron Valley Barbell (Indianapolis, IN – owned by @zachhomolpower). On Saturday, myself and a few friends were making the trip to Indy to support one of our training partners at his first Bodybuilding show, and we figured we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to train at another REAL GYM like IVB while we were in town.
  • Like I said above, with my programming changing a bit these next several weeks I am really hoping to bring up some lagging body parts. I will always be looking to increase my strength in the Big 3 lifts (Squat/Bench/Deadlift), but my priorities have began to shift more towards bodybuilding.



Cardio stayed same as the previous week, and I will continue this same routine heading into next week. Cardio and Lunges are starting to become routine and don’t add too much extra stress to my body/training, so these are all good signs that I’m not over doing it. As a reminder, here’s what my cardio is looking like:

  • 1 session of 800m lunges (First 400m w/ weighted vest)
  • 1 session of 400m weighted lunges
  • 2 sessions of LISS of 150 calories burned each (300 total)


Progress Photos:


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