Reverse Diet Week 5…Full out “Off-Season”

What’s up everyone, keeping myself in check and getting a blog post up this week like I said I would. Another solid week of training was put in, stayed on top of my nutrition, and hopefully (and most importantly) made some life gains in the career department, which I have some follow ups with in the next few days. Anyways, from this point out I wouldn’t really even consider this to be a “reverse diet” anymore. From here, it is simply adjusting my macros and training sessions week to week to ensure that I am making steady progress in my strength, size, and the number on the scale. I guess you could say I’m comfortably getting into an “off-season” lifestyle with training and nutrition, although I believe if you are a competitive athlete there is no “in-season” and “off-season”…It’s a year round sport! Check out how this past week went down below and hit me up with any questions, ideas, or topics you guys would want me to touch on in the future. Thanks for reading!

End of Reverse Diet Week 4 (5/14/17) Avg. Weight: 157.9

End of Reverse Diet Week 5 (5/21/17) Avg. Weight: 157.83


  • Once again, my weekly average of my weigh ins came out to be lower than the previous week. Despite having my weight shoot up a bit towards the end of the week due to a few free meals I had (Ice Cream, Wings, etc.) the overall trend for the week is what matters the most.
  • Since the primary goal is to gain a bit of weight each week on this “lean bulk” that only means one thing —> Increase the calories!
  • This upcoming week, I’m going to take a little different approach to my daily macros, and they will vary a tad depending on the intensity and body parts being trained that day. Here’s the tentative plan:

– 4 days @ 400c 175p 100f — Larger body parts / Higher volume days

– 3 days @ 300c 175p 125f — Smaller body parts / Rest days


  • These last few weeks I have REALLY been enjoying the higher volume bodybuilding style of training. I believe my mind to muscle connection is improving with nearly every workout, and I am able to target the specified muscle group much better with a greater exercise selection.
  • Just because I am taking a different approach to my training, this doesn’t mean I’m not still training HEAVY. I’m a huge advocate of always training heavy year round, in order to really build that density in the muscle. A few PR’s from this past week included: 315×6 lowbar squat after working up to 330 on a 3×3 scheme, and another volume PR on sumo deadlifts of 405×4 for 2 sets.
  • This upcoming week, I may look to change up my training split, but nothing is for sure yet. Considering going back to the old “Arnold split” for a few weeks of Chest/Back, Legs, Shoulders/Arms…but of course with some modifications. We’ll see what happens.



Not much to talk about on the cardio side of things as the routine is about as bare and basic as it can get at this point. One thing I have done is completely cut out lunges, as I feel with the intensity and volume I am training my legs right now, they would not be beneficial. A huge goal of mine is to really pack some meat on my legs, so lunging for cardio just does not make sense to make at the moment. Here’s the current cardio schedule:

  • 2 sessions of LISS @ 250 calories each


Progress Photos:

Monday (5/22/17) first thing in the A.M. Very happy with the leanness I have been able to maintain while increasing my calories significantly, and also with the small changes I’m beginning to see in my back and arms. Constructive criticism is ALWAYS welcome!


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