You’re most likely asking yourself two very important questions that must be addressed without hesitation: Who is this guy? And why am I on his blog?

First off, THANK YOU for taking the time to navigate here. These questions need to be covered right off the bat for a few reasons – 1) So you know who is providing you the content & 2) So you can decide if this content adds any VALUE or relevancy to you. If neither of these are something you are interested in or apply to you, well then maybe this isn’t the blog for you. Nevertheless, let’s get started.

This being my first blog post, I want to take a minute to tell you a bit about myself and exactly who I am. My name is Jake Andrusko. Just a 25 year old dude who is borderline obsessed with all things related to fitness. I’m a Certified Fitness Trainer through the ISSA and my passion for bodybuilding & powerlifting have become a HUGE part of my life the past several years. Honestly, I would be lost without them. Much of this stems from several major health issues I suffered in my early 20’s, and this passion is my means of coping with what was once my worst nightmare. Being in the gym and fitness in general provides me an outlet every single day to improve my physique, challenge my strength (and my mind), and learn more about myself and others than I have anywhere else.

So, cool story Jake…..Why am I here reading this? Sounds to me like you’re just another typical “bro”.

You may be right, and your guess is as good as mine as to why you are here. I didn’t create this blog to attract thousands of viewer’s (although that’d be pretty cool), but rather to simply document my progress, create a separate outlet for providing content from my other social media accounts, and to hopefully provide some sort of takeaway for each person that reads or sees anything I post.

So the choice is really up to you. Follow along as I document whatever my goal may be at the time….or don’t. It wont stop me from posting and keeping myself accountable.

  • J. Andrusko